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Notes on Working with Languages and Language-Dependent TextsLocate this document in the navigation structure


Note the following on working with languages and language-dependent texts.

Logon language

Enter the logon language in the header of the HTTP request of the call. If you do not specify a language here then English is used as the logon language

To set the logon language use the HTTP header field Accept Language of the HTTP request (for example: Accept Language: de ).

Original language

You must always enter the original language for operations on configuration objects (parameter MasterLanguage ). Otherwise the call contains errors. You can only use languages as original languages if they are defined in the ExchangeProfile as permitted languages.

If you do not enter a language for the description ( Description parameter) then the language will be set to the original language. You can create a description text for each of the permitted languages defined in the ExchangeProfile.

You can enter a language when creating a change list but this will be ignored by the interface. You can only enter a description text for a change list but you do not need to assign a language for this.