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You find the Web service description for value mapping in the following data types. You find the data types in the Value Mapping folder.

Web Service Description for Value Mapping

Data Type



Specifies the technical name (GUID) of the value mapping.

If you enter an empty string, then a new GUID will be generated.

Only specify a technical name if it is to be explicitly defined. This is useful in situations where the GUID of the value mapping table must be the same in different systems (for example for transports).

ValueMapping (or RestrictedValueMapping)

Defines the value mapping with all attributes.

  • MasterLanguage , AdministrativeData , and Description ; more information: Cross-Object-Type Elements

  • ValueMappingID : Specifies the technical name (GUID) of the value mapping (optional entry).

  • GroupName : Specifies the name for the value mapping group.

  • Representation : Specifies the representation of an object in the framework of the value mapping, based on the type ValueMappingRepresentation .

    For more information, see element ValueMappingRepresentation .


Specifies the data structure for the representation of an object.

An identifier is a representation of an object and consists of the following elements:

  • schemeID : Specifies the identification schema (obligatory entry).

  • schemeAgencyID : Specifies the agency (obligatory entry).