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You find the Web service description for a communication party in the following data types in the Communication Party folder.

Data Type


CommunicationParty RestrictedCommunicationParty

Defines a communication party with all attributes (for write or read access).

Contains the following elements:

  • MasterLanguage, AdministrativeData, and Description; more information: Cross-Object-Type Elements

  • PartyID: Party Name

  • PartyAdditionalIdentifier: List of the additional identifiers.

    AdministrativeData cannot be changed for RestrictedCommunicationParty .


Specifies the name of a communication party (maximum length: 120 characters).

This data type provides the object key of a communication party, which is used to identify the communication party uniquely within the Integration Directory.


Specifies an alternative identifier for the communication party.

Contains the following elements:

  • schemeID: Specifies the identification scheme.

  • schemeAgencyID: Specifies the agent.

    The values for the Integration Directory internal-party identifiers ( schemeAgencyID = und schemeID = XIParty ) are not accepted here. The internal identifier specifies the name that you assigned when setting up the communication party.