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Calling WS Using Test Environment (Web Services Navigator)Locate this document in the navigation structure


The Web Services Navigator offers a test interface with which you can call the programming interface.


To call the test interface, proceed as follows:


Note that your user must have the necessary permissions under Assign Authorizations .

  1. Call the J2EE Engine start page:

    Use the URL: http://<host>:<J2EE-Port>

  2. Choose the Web Services Navigator .

  3. Choose Provider System as Search Type .

  4. In the Search for field, enter: *in .

    In this way you restrict the services displayed to the services of the Integration Directory programming interface (previous version).

  5. Choose Search .

    The service interfaces of the programming interface are displayed.

  6. Select the service interface for the required configuration object type (for example, CommunicationChannelIn ).

  7. Choose Next .

    The operations of the service interface are displayed.

  8. Select the required operation from this list.

  9. Choose Next .

  10. You can now specify the parameters for calling the Web service and call it.


    Note that the technical names of the attributes and attribute values are displayed or are required by the interface.

    Note the information under Working with Complex Configuration Objects .