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To be able to use the programming interface, you must assign your user the following roles:

  • SAP_XI_API_DEVELOP_J2EE (for any operation, particularly Change , Create , OpenForEdit , Revert , Delete , CreateFromTemplate , Activate , Revert )

  • SAP_XI_API_DISPLAY_J2EE (for the operations Query , Read , Check , GetState , CheckContent , GetCacheState , GetObjectIdentifier )


To assign a role, proceed as follows:

  1. Call the J2EE Engine user administration:

    Use the following URL: http://<host>:<J2EE-Port>/useradmin

    http://<host>:<J2EE-Port> is the URL for the J2EE Engine start page.

  2. In the corresponding entry field under Search Criteria , enter your user and choose Start .

    Your user is listed in the table.

  3. Select your user.

  4. Open the Assigned Roles tab page.

  5. Choose Change .

  6. Under Available Roles , select the required role.

    In the entry field for Search Criteria, enter SAP_XI_API_* and choose Start .

    Both of the roles SAP_XI_API_DISPLAY_J2EE and SAP_XI_API_DEVELOP_J2EE are listed.

  7. Select the required role and then Add .

  8. Save your changes.