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The Integration Builder accesses information about business systems and technical systems from the System Landscape Directory (SLD). To optimize access, this information is loaded to a cache so that the SLD does not have to be accessed directly each time that SLD content is required.

However, this cache is not automatically updated if changes are made to the content of the System Landscape Directory. For this reason, SAP recommends that you delete the System Landscape Directory cache if changes have been made to content in the System Landscape Directory. The cache is then filled each time that the System Landscape Directory is accessed. If you log on to the Integration Builder after you have made a change in the SLD, the SLD cache is automatically deleted.


To delete the cache for the SLD data, in the main menu, choose Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Clear Cache for SLD Data End of the navigation path.


Once you have deleted the cache for SLD data, accessing objects in the SLD may take longer than usual initially.