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A service interface is defined in the ES Repository for each Web service, it describes the operations that you can use on the configuration object in the Integration Directory. Each operation is based on message types that describe which parameters you can or have to transfer (and receive back again) when calling the Web service for a specific action.

This section describes the operations and most important parameters.



<Configuration Object Type>CreateRequest

Creates a new configuration object.

<Configuration Object Type>CreateFromTemplateRequest

Only possible for communication channels: Creates a communication channel based on a communication channel template from the ES Repository.

<Configuration Object Type>ChangeRequest

Changes the configuration object.

This operation cannot be applied to integration process services.

<Configuration Object Type>ReadRequest

Reads configuration objects from the Integration Directory.

<Configuration Object Type>ReadResponse

<Configuration Object Type>DeleteRequest

Deletes configuration objects.

<Configuration Object Type>CheckRequest

Checks the consistency of configuration objects.

<Configuration Object Type>QueryRequest

Searches for configuration objects according to specified selection criteria.

<Configuration Object Type>QueryResponse

<Configuration Object Type>OpenForEditRequest

Opens configuration objects for processing.

This operation cannot be applied to integration process services.

<Configuration Object Type>OpenForEditResponse

<Configuration Object Type>RevertRequest

Discards changes made to a configuration object.