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The Web service for creating a new configuration object is described in the Create operations of the service interface <Configuration Object Type>In .

If a configuration object cannot be created then the action is terminated and an error message is displayed.

A configuration object cannot be created in the following instances:

  • An object already exists in the Integration Directory for a specified object key.

  • The specified object key is incomplete.

  • Obligatory attributes were not entered.

  • Incorrect values were entered for attributes with fixed values (for example, using the wrong syntax).

If a configuration object can be created but the attributes are incomplete, then a warning is displayed.

The following message types are assigned to the operation:

  • <Configuration Object Type>CreateRequest

    Based on the data type <Configuration Object Type>CreateChangeIn

    This data type contains the following elements.

    • ChangeListID

      If there is no open change list with this ID, then the action is terminated and an error message displayed. If you do not enter a change list IDs then a new change list is created and the change list ID displayed.

      We recommend you specify the change list ID every time you create or change an object so you do no unintentionally create many change lists. Note the information under Call Sequence Recommendations.

    • Elements under <Configuration Object Type> :

      Contain administrative information about the object (such as object key and object attributes).

      If you do not enter any administrative information then the information of the current Web Server caller is entered here.

      You can find further information in the description of the Web Service for the object type.

  • ConfigurationObjectModifyResponse

    Based on the data type ConfigurationObjectModifyOut .

    This data type contains parameters that are displayed when an object is displayed.