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You define the details for the inbound or outbound processing of a message in a communication channel (or 'channel'for short). The communication channel is where you configure adapters in particular.

Depending on the direction of message processing, you require either a sender or a receiver channel.

For more information, see: Communication channel


1. Create Communication Channel

You can create a communication channel as follows:

  • Call the create dialog for configuration objects directly.

    For more information, see: Create Objects

    You can explicitly assign the communication channel to either a communication party or a communication component. Depending on what assignments you want to make, specify the following fields in the create dialog.

    • Assignment to a Communication Party

      Select the communication party (input help in Party field) and enter the name of the communication channel ( Communication Channel field) In the Communication Component field, enter the wildcard sign ( * ).

    • Assignment to a Communication Component

      Select the communication component (input help in Communication Component field) and enter the name of the communication channel ( Communication Channel field).

      If you want to select the communication component of a specific party, first choose the party and then the communication component.

  • Open the communication party or communication component that channel is to be assigned to. Call the create dialog from the Communication Channels tab page. The input fields for communication parties or communication components are already populated in this case.

    For more information, see:

    Defining Communication Parties

    Defining Communication Components


    You can create communication channels automatically for business systems that are defined in the System Landscape Directory.

    For more information, see: Create Communication Channels Automatically

2. Edit Communication Channel

You can either enter all the attributes of a communication channel manually, or use a communication channel template from the Enterprise Services Repository (ES Repository), assuming one exists for the required settings in the ES Repository.

To apply a communication channel template from the Enterprise Services Repository, in the object menu of the communication channel, choose Start of the navigation path Communication Channel Next navigation step Apply Template End of the navigation path. In the input help, you can select communication channel templates from all software component versions.

You can make the following settings in the communication channel.

Configure Adapter

You configure the adapter on the Parameter tab page.

  1. Select the Adapter Type .

    Only those fields that are relevant for the selected adapter type are then displayed.

  2. Specify whether you want to configure a sender or receiver channel.

  3. Make your configuration settings for the adapter.

    For more information, see: Adapters


    You can define new adapter types by using the adapter metadata in the Enterprise Services Repository

Define Identifiers for Communication Parties

On the Identifiers tab page, specify which of the available identifiers is to be used to contact a communication party.

Each communication party usually has various different identifiers for different business scenarios. In the communication channel you specify which identifier is to be used.

Select the agency for the sender and receiver from the dropdown list box.


You can select an abbreviation for the agency. Depending on your selection, the value for the scheme is entered in the field.

For more information, see: Identifiers

Add Modules to Adapter in the Module Processor

On the Module tab page, you can add modules to the adapter to give it additional functions.

For more information, see: Inserting Modules into Module Processor


When you copy a communication channel, the users and passwords that are specified there are not copied as well for security reasons. Note that you therefore need to specify the users and passwords again after the copying process.