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If you have assigned the sender agreement a communication channel with Adapter Type XI on the Integration Server or the PCK, you can specify settings for message security.

The security settings have the following effect on inbound message processing: If the Message Security checkbox is select in the assigned communication channel, then a signed message is expected (signed address and business data). The signature of the sender is checked by using the values entered in the Keystore , Issuer , and Owner fields. This enables the sender to be authorized and the data integrity to be guaranteed (content of the message was not modified during processing).


Note that the message protocol XI 3.0 must be selected in the assigned communication channel.


You can use the security settings for communication between two Integration Servers and for communication between an Integration Server and Partner Connectivity Kit.


The Message Security checkbox is selected in the corresponding communication channel.


In the Security Settings frame, you specify the following information:

Security Settings for Sender XI Adapter



Security Procedure

Specify the security procedure you want to use. You have the following options:

  • Decrypt

  • Validate

  • Decrypt and Validate

    Note that the security procedure must be applied to the message in the following sequence:

    1. Decrypt

    2. Validate


Enter the issuer of the public key.


Enter the subject of the public key.


Enter the name of the keystore of the

root certificate .


Note that certificate chains are limited to a maximum of two-tiers.


Use the input help to define the various security settings. Note that Issuer and Subject are each defined using the keystore entry. Note that Issuer and Subject are each defined using the keystore entry. Note that entries are case-sensitive.