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Structure of Error Messages

If an error occurs during an operation, then the Web service displays an error message. You can find the structure of the error message in the LogMessageCollection error message. In this structure individual messages are displayed according to object types.

The LogMessageCollection data type has the following elements:




Contains general messages that do not refer to a specific object or change list.


Contains messages that refer to the change list in the context of which the Web Service was called.


Contains messages that refer to a specific object type.

For each object the structure contains the object key ( <Objecttype>ID ) and a message ( LogMessageItem ).


Contains individual messages for specific objects.

  • SeverityCode : Specifies the severity of the error. For more information, see below.

  • ClassificationCode : Specifies the technical error code for the classification of the error. For more information, see below.

  • Message : Contains the message text.

When an error occurs, the LogMessageCollection structure is always displayed completely. If no message was displayed for a particular object then this part of the structure remains empty.

Error Classification

Errors are classified in error messages using a severity code and a technical error code.

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