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A business component represents an abstract unit for addressing the senders and receivers of messages. You can use a business component to group interfaces.

It is useful to use business components when configuring cross-company (B2B) scenarios. Usually, the interface descriptions of the business partners involved in the process are made publicly available. However, the system landscape of those involved is normally unknown, or only partly known, and cannot therefore be entered in the SLD (as a business system).


When you create a business component you can

  • Define a communication party if you want to assign the business component to a party

  • If you want to define the business component independently of a party, leave the field for the party empty.


In the Display/Edit Business Component editor you can display or edit the following information:

Sender/Receiver Tab Page

Here you can make specifications that specially refer to the communication component as a sender or receiver .



Outbound/Inbound Interfaces

Enables you to assign interfaces for message exchange.

To do so, in the Outbound Interfaces or Inbound Interfaces frame, add a new row ( Insert Row Below Selection ). Use the input help to assign the interfaces. To delete an assignment, select the relevant line and choose Delete Selected Lines ( ).

Communication Channels

You can create communication channels and assign them to the communication component.

To open a communication channel, select the relevant row and choose Open Object ( ).

To create a new communication channel for this communnication component, choose Create New Object ( ).

To delete a communication channel, select the relevant line and choose Delete Object ( ).

For more information, see: Communication channel

Other Attributes Tab Page

This tab page shows whether the communication component is a fee-paying third-party communication component.

A third-party communication component is a communication component provided by an external business partner. The Third-Party Communication Component attribute is set by default for a business component.

The Third-Party Communication Component attribute is assigned to a business system if the underlying business system is classified as a Third-Party System in the System Landscape Directory ( Third-Party Business System ). If this is not the case, the business system is assigned the SAP Communication Component attribute.

Integration processes are always classified as SAP communication component.