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To address a business system from the SLD as the sender or receiver of messages in logical routing, you must define it as a communication component (of type Business System ) in the Integration Directory.


The business system must be entered in the SLD.

Use the wizard to create the communication components.

For more information, see: Define Business System as Communication Component


The name of a business system component comes from the business system in the System Landscape Directory that is it assigned to; the name cannot be changed in the Integration Directory.


The work area of the object editor contains the following information.

Sender/Receiver Tab Pages



Outbound/Inbound Interfaces

For each business system, the interfaces that are installed on the business system are also entered in the SLD. These interfaces are displayed in this frame. You cannot add any other interfaces.

Communication Channels

Displays the communication channels that are assigned to the communication component.

To open a communication channel, select the relevant line, and in the toolbar choose Open Object ( ).

To create a new communication channel for this communnication component, choose Create New Object ( ).

To delete a communication channel, select the relevant line and in the toolbar choose Delete Object ( ).

For more information, see: Defining Communication Channels

IDoc Partner Tab Page

This tab page displays the names of all communication parties that are assigned to alternative identifiers that have this business system as the agency. Therefore, this tab page gives you an overview of all parties defined in the Integration Directory for which the business system has an identification scheme.

This information is useful if the business system is to communicate with the Integration Server by using the IDoc adapter (with an IDoc partner as the sender or receiver).

For more information, see: Defining Communication Parties

To open a communication party, position the cursor on the name and choose Open ( ).

Other Attributes Tab Page

This tab page displays the following information:

  • SAP Communication Component

    Shows whether the business system is registered as an SAP system or as a third-party system ( Third-Party Business System ) in the System Landscape Directory.

    If this attribute changes in the System Landscape Directory, the information is not automatically updated in the Integration Directory. To compare the information in the Integration Directory with the System Landscape Directory, choose Compare with System Landscape Directory .

  • Software Components of the Business System

    This information is defined in the SLD and cannot be modified or enhanced in any way in the Integration Directory.

Logon Data for Cache Notifications Tag Page

This tab page shows whether a business system supports communication using the Web service runtime.

It displays the following information:

  • Whether cache notifications can be sent to the back-end system

  • The service user that can send the cache notifications to the back-end system

    To send cache notifications, you must select the Business System Communicates Using Web Service Runtime checkbox.

    If you want to restrict sending of cache notifications to a particular service user and password, you can specify this here.


    Note that business systems can only communicate directly with each other using the Web service runtime if you have made the setting to allow cache notifications to be sent.


    The central Web services configuration is only possible for business systems with release Web AS ABAP 7.10 or higher. The tab page with the logon data for cache notifications is only displayed for these business systems.

    For more information, see: Configuring Business Systems