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Generating Configuration ObjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure


  • The component view can be configured.

  • The application components have been assigned communication components.

  • A sender/receiver relation has been activated for at least one connection.

When generating configuration objects, only connections that satisfy the following conditions are included:

  • Sender and receiver communication components have been assigned.

  • At least one sender/receiver relation has been activated.


On the basis of the information saved in the model, the assigned communication components, and the configured connections, you can determine the relevant configuration objects. If the objects already exist, they are reused and enhanced as required. Otherwise new objects are created.

For more information, see: Generated Objects


  1. To start the generation of configuration objects, in the model configurator, choose Create Configuration Objects .

  2. Define the generation settings in the Create Configuration Objects dialog.

    For more information, see: Generation Settings

  3. Choose Start .

    You can terminate generation of configuration objects at any point. To do so, in the Generation Progress or Simulation Progress dialogs, choose Cancel or close the dialog. The current generation step is canceled and the generation log is then displayed. Note that objects that have already been generated are not automatically deleted when you cancel the generation process in this way.