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Publishing Sender Agreements in the Services RegistryLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have created a sender agreement in the Integration Directory. The sender agreement references a communication channel of adapter type WS or SOAP

For more information, see: Defining Sender Agreements


You can publish the WSDL description for a sender agreement to the Services Registry. This is useful if a business partner wants to execute a SOAP call on the Integration Server. Instead of sending the required WSDL file in an e-mail, for example, you can now publish the relevant sender agreement from the Integration Directory in the Services Registry. Since the Services Registry is normally located in front of the firewall, the business partner can access the WSDL description in the Service Registry. The WSDL description contains all the relevant configuration data from the sender agreement as well as the assigned communication channel, which are required to call the Integration Server (see figure).

Publication in the Services Registry is currently supported for sender agreements which are assigned communication channels with the following adapter types.

  • SOAP (on the central or local Adapter Engine)

  • WS


    You can define different sender agreements in the Integration Directory for the same service interface (with different sender components). However, you can only publish one sender agreement in the Services Registry for each sender interface. If you publish a different sender agreement with the same service interface in the Services Registry, the previously published sender agreement is overwritten (following a warning).


  1. Open the sender agreement.

  2. In the object editor menu, choose Start of the navigation path Sender Agreement Next navigation step Publish In Services Registry End of the navigation path.

    You can define whether the URL of the Integration Server, or a different URL is displayed for the service end point in the Services Registry. In particular business scenarios, it might make sense to instead replace this sensitive information with a representative URL.

    • If you want to publish the URL of the Integration Server, select Publish .

    • To overwrite the URLs with a value you define, choose Options and select the Overwrite URLs During Publication checkbox. Enter the URL that you want to publish.

      You can overwrite the following types of URLs:

      WSDL URL Prefix : Specifies the URL that the WSDL description can be called from.

      End Point URL Prefix : Specifies the URL that the Web service can be called from.