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Defining Standard Receiver DeterminationsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can enter the receiver of a message manually in a receiver determination.

You can also define rules for forwarding the message to the receivers.

The following options are available:

  • Specify “Local” Rules

    You define the rules specially for a specific receiver determination. This then also applies for messages where the address field in the header matches the key of the receiver determination.

  • Insert (Reusable) Rules

    You use a separately-defined rule that can be reused in multiple receiver determinations. A rule such as this is defined as a standalone object in the Integration Directory and identified as a receiver rule.


    A receiver rule applies to all messages whose address header matches the object keys of the receiver determinations in which the receiver rule is used. We recommend using receiver rules if you want to use the same rule in different scenarios.


    Note that you cannot specify expressions using XPath when you define conditions in receiver rules.


  1. Create a receiver determination and choose the Standard option.

  2. Specify whether you want to define the receiver determination operation-specifically or for all operations of the outbound interface.

    If you define the receiver determinations operation-dependently, all operations are displayed that were defined for the outbound interface in the key of the receiver determination.

    In this case, first select the operation for which you want to define the receiver determinations and then proceed with the next steps.

  3. You have the following options for specifying receiver and routing conditions:

    • Specify Local Rule

      Add a local rule for receiver determination and enter a combination of receivers and conditions.

      More information: Specify Receiver and Conditions

    • Insert Receiver Rule

      If a specific receiver rule exists for the configuration you want, you can use this and add it to the receiver determination.

      To do this within the Configured Receivers frame, choose the arrow beside the Insert Line Below Selection ([PICT]) icon and choose Insert Receiver Rule. Call input help for the Rule column and select the receiver rule.

      More information: Defining a Receiver Rule