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Defining a Receiver RuleLocate this document in the navigation structure


A receiver rule specifies the conditions under which messages are forwarded to particular receivers.


You can reuse a receiver rule in different receiver determinations. The receiver rule then applies to all messages whose address header matches the object keys of the receiver determinations in which the receiver rule is used.

Since you can activate and transport a receiver rule separately, they are particularly suitable for use in projects in which the routing configuration cannot be transported as a single entity.

For more information, see: Defining Receiver Determinations


1. Create Receiver Rule

Create a receiver rule as a new object in the Integration Directory. Give it a unique name.

2. Specify Receiver and Conditions

Enter the receiver and conditions in tabular form.

For more information, see: Specify Receiver and Conditions


Note that you cannot specify expressions using XPath when you define conditions in receiver rules.