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You can configure the processing of a message for an individual connection.

The configuration objects that result from your entries are either created or are modified, depending on whether they already exist or not. You can always see which configuration step you are currently working on from the progress display in the frame next to the input fields in the configuration wizard.

You use this tool when you want to configure a single communication step.

To configure an entire process model including all connections, use the model configurator.

For more information, see: Using the Process Model as a Configuration Template


This section provides an overview of the necessary steps. The configuration wizard provides detailed instructions during execution.


1. Call the Configuration Wizard

In the main menu bar, choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Configuration Wizard End of the navigation path.

To configure a connection in an existing configuration scenario , open the configuration scenario, and in the configuration overview, select the connection and choose Configurations Wizard .

2. Select the Communication Scenario

  1. You can choose between multiple communication scenarios on the initial screen of the configuration wizard. Select the radio button for the relevant communication scenario.

    You can choose between the following communication scenarios:

    • Communication Using Integration Server - Internal Communication

      Select this option to configure the communication between the communication components of the internal system landscape (business systems, integration processes, and business components without parties).

    • Communication Using Integration Server - Party Communication

      Select this option if external partners are involved in message exchange (as senders or receivers or both).

      The senders and receivers can be external business partners or communication components in the internal system landscape.

    • Direct Communication Using Web Services

      Select this communication scenario if the involved business systems communicate with each other directly (without using the Integration Server).

  2. Choose Continue .

3. Configure Connection

Which steps you perform in the configuration wizard depends on the communication scenario.

Configuring Communication Using the Integration Server (internal communication or party communication)

Configuring Direct Communication