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If you have assigned the receiver agreement a communication channel with Adapter Type XI, you can specify settings for message security. In outbound processing, these security settings can be used to sign the address data and business data of a message. Technically speaking, the part of the SOAP header containing the address data (SAP main header) and the payloads of the message can be signed. This means that you can guarantee that the content of the message will not be modified without your knowledge during processing (data integrity).


Note that the message protocol XI 3.0 must be selected in the assigned communication channel. The message protocol XI 2.0 is not available in the PCK.


You can use the security settings for communication between two Integration Servers and for communication between an Integration Server and Partner Connectivity Kit.


The Message Security checkbox is selected in the corresponding communication channel.


In the Security Settings frame, you specify the following information:

Security Settings for Receiver XI Adapter



Security Procedure

Specify the security procedure you want to use. You have the following options:

  • Sign

  • Encrypt

  • Sign and Encrypt

    Note that the security procedure must be applied to the message in the following sequence:

    1. Sign

    2. Encrypt


Enter the name of the local keystore (the local J2EE Engine).

Keystore entry

Enter the name of the private key (from the keystore specified above).


Use the input help to specify values for keystore and keystore entry . Note that entries are case-sensitive.