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Some adapters support specific message attributes, which contain additional information about messages. This information is not located in the payload of the message, but in additional message header fields.

Every adapter has a defined set of attributes, which are described for every adapter type as part of the configuration for each of the adapters. You can set the attributes in the sender adapter and use the attributes in the receiver adapter.

The length of the attribute value is defined by the XI message protocol. Values can be a maximum of 200 characters long. If, for example, you assign longer values in the mapping or adapter modules then this can lead to processing errors at runtime or the values are shortened to 200 characters. This shortening can also lead to a processing error. The processing error that occurs depends on the components that access the attributes.

In routing and mapping you can use the namespace and the technical name of attributes to access them.

The attribute namespace comprises the namespace in the Enterprise Services Repository in which the adapter metadata for the adapter is saved and the name of the adapter metadata object.

The adapter namespaces for the adapters shipped by SAP therefore have the following format:<Adapter Metadata Object Name of Adapter>

The SAP adapter metadata objects are in namespace of software component SAP BASIS .


  1. In the sender adapter, select Set Adapter-Specific Message Attributes and select the attributes you want to use in the message header.

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  2. Use the set attributes in routing, mapping, or in the receiver adapter of the same type:

  3. Message attributes are listed in the message header DynamicConfiguration in message monitoring.

    More information about monitoring in the Integration Engine: Displaying XML Message Versions .