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You can create language-specific, translatable texts in some input fields in the object editor. The Description field is language-specific for all object types. Which other input fields are language-specific depends on the object type.

You can also use the documentation editor to create longer language-specific texts.

You can translate language-specific texts. If texts are available for an object in several languages, you can select the various languages by choosing Display Language .


Note that you can select the display language for object texts independently of the Logon Language . The logon language is the language in which the texts of the user interface are displayed. You select the logon language when you log on.

You can define an original language for all objects in the Integration Directory. When you create a new object, a default original language is set for editing language-specific texts of the object.

For more information, see: Handling Languages


Define an Original Language

For more information, see: Handling Languages

Edit Language-Specific Text

Edit Text in Object Editor

To edit a language-specific text (for example, a description field) in the object editor, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the object.

  2. In the object editor, select change mode. To do this, choose Start of the navigation path <Object Type> Next navigation step Display/Edit End of the navigation path in the object editor menu.

  3. Edit the language-specific text and save the object.


    If you want to edit the language-specific texts in a language other than the original language, you can select the required language in the Display Language field in the header of the object editor. You can select from the original language and all languages that have been defined as permitted target languages.

Edit Text in Documentation Editor

For more information, see: Create object documentation in the HTML editor

Translate Text

For more information, see: Translating Texts

Change Display Language

Language-specific texts are initially displayed in the language that you have selected as the display language in the personal settings. If there is no language version for this language, the texts are displayed in the original language.

For more information, see: Personal Settings

You can also select the display language separately if you have opened an object. To do this, select the display language from the corresponding dropdown list box in the header of the object editor.

You can select from the original language and all other languages that are defined as permitted target languages for translation.


(OL) indicates the language set as the original language in the dropdown list box.