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You can copy an object in order to reuse the original object, or part of the original object, in a new context, for example.

This function enables you to create a copy of the outbound object for another object key.

For more information, see: Object Key in Configuration Objects


  1. Open the object you want to copy.
  2. Choose Start of the navigation path <Object> Next navigation step Copy Object End of the navigation path.

    You can also call the copy function by positioning the cursor on the object to be copied in the navigation area and choosing Copy Object from the context menu. In this case you can skip step 1.

    The copy function is called.

  3. Enter the key attributes for the object copy under Target Object .

    For more information, see: Object Key in Configuration Objects

    You can also add the target object to a folder or to a configuration scenario.

  4. Choose Copy .

    If you copy receiver agreements, direct connections, or communication channels, specified users and passwords are not copied along with the object for security reasons. Note that you therefore need to specify the users and passwords again after the copying process.