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Creating ObjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can create a new object and then edit it in the object editor.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Object Next navigation step New End of the navigation path.

    The create dialog is displayed.

    You can also call the create dialog by positioning the cursor on a structure node in the navigation area and choosing New in the context menu. In this case, there are already entries in the create dialog, corresponding to the position of the cursor in the navigation area.

  2. First, on the left-hand side of the create dialog, expand the required area (for example Collaboration Agreement ) and then select the object type (for example Sender Agreement ).

  3. Enter the object key on the right-hand side of the create dialog. To specify the key fields, use input help.

    In the case of particular object types (for example, communication parties ), the object key is a name.

    Information about object key names: Object Key for Configuration Objects .

  4. To confirm your entries, choose Create .

    This calls the object editor for this object. The specifications that you made when you created the object are displayed in the header. You can edit the object further in the work area of the object editor.


    Once you have confirmed your entries by choosing Create in the Create Object dialog, you can no longer change the object key.