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Configuring Direct CommunicationLocate this document in the navigation structure


You use the following steps to configure a connection for direct communication between two business systems.


1. Configure Connection

  1. Select the business system of the sender and the outbound interface.

  2. Choose Continue .

  3. Under Connection with Business System , enter the logon data for cache notifications. This ensures that the configuration settings that you make using the configuration wizard can be propagated to the communicating back-end systems.

    More information: Business System (Communication Component)

  4. Choose Continue .

  5. Specify the business system of the receiver and the inbound interface.

  6. Choose Continue .

  7. Specify the receiver communication channel.

    This communication channel contains the configuration settings for the receiver back-end system.

    More information: Configuring the Communication Channel with Adapter Type WS

  8. Choose Continue .

  9. Specify whether you want to group the configuration objects created by the wizard in a scenario or a folder (optional).

  10. Choose Finish .

2. Confirm Configuration Entries

The log of the configuration wizard documents the following:

  • Which new objects have been created and which have been reused

  • Any other necessary information


The direct connection relevant for the connection is generated.

Note that it may be necessary to edit objects manually.