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Specifying Conditions, Mappings, and Receiver InterfacesLocate this document in the navigation structure


In the following steps you specify:

  • The receiver interfaces to which the message is to be sent

  • The mappings to be used at runtime

  • The conditions under which the message is to be forwarded to the receiver interfaces


You define the assignment between the sender interface (or the sender interface operation) and one or more receiver interfaces line-by-line in the Receiver Interfacestable. Each table line represents the assignment between the sender interface and exactly one receiver interface.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Insert a new row.

  2. Enter a condition. To do so, in the Conditioncolumn, call the condition editor (using the input help icon).

    More information: Condition Editor

  3. Specify an operation mapping from the Enterprise Services Repository.

    In an interface determination, you can only reference operation mappings from the Enterprise Services Repository. Design objects in the Enterprise Services Repository are release-dependent. Therefore, to identify an operation mapping uniquely, you must specify the release from which the selected operation mapping is to be taken. For this reason, you must use the input help here. You cannot enter an operation mapping manually.

    You enter the target operations of the operation mapping in the receiver interface.


    Note that in the value help you can also select multi-mappings for 1:n- , n:1-, or m:n transformations from the ES Repository. However, only multi-mappings for 1:2 transformations can be processed by the Integration Server at runtime (in the case of mapping-based message splits).

    For more information on coniguring mappings-based message-splits, see the overview documentation on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration in SAP NetWeaver Library on the Help Portal under Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Next navigation step Special Developments Tasks Next navigation step Using Enhanced Routing-Techniques Next navigation step Defining Message Splits End of the navigation path.

You can also enter a receiver interface independently of a mapping. You do not enter an operation mapping here, but instead select the interface from input help ( Nameand Namespacecolumn). If you enter the name of the interface manually, there is no check on whether a manually entered interface is defined in the Enterprise Services Repository.