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The generation log contains the results of generation.

You can keep the log window open in a separate window until you close the Integration Directory. You can open as many log windows as required.

A generation log is displayed even when generation is terminated. You can also open a generation log after generation is complete, to view logs saved in local files at a later date, for example.

To open the generation log, in the toolbar for the model-configuration function, choose Log . The generation log is opened automatically when generation of an object is complete.

Screen Areas

A generation log comprises multiple screen areas that you can expand or collapse as required (pushbutton or ).

The screen areas offer the following information:

Screen Area

Displayed Information

Header Area

Displays key data models from the ES Repository and from the configuration scenarios from the Integration Directory.

Using the Log

Displays information about using the log

Generation Settings

Displays the selected generation settings

Generation Statistics

Specifies the number of new, changed, or reused objects, as well as the errors that occurred during the generation run.

Selected Model

Displays the generation result in detail.

The results are itemized according to the connections from the corresponding model.


In the configuration of a process integration scenario, Model refers to a component view.

A header area and expandable detail area is displayed for each connection. The header area contains traffic lights for all configuration objects belonging to the connection to indicate whether generation errors occurred and where manual editing work is required.

The object key is displayed in the title line of each object. To open an object, click the key. If no key exists for an object (as is the case in simulation mode, for example), an error message is displayed. The processing status is indicated by a traffic light:

  • Green: No manual work required for this object

  • Amber: Configuration object could not be specified completely (for example, in routing conditions).

  • Red: An error occurred during generation when changing the object

    The system displays the following information for each object.

  • Analysis of the situation before generation


    In the case of a receiver determination, for example, the additional receiver communication components that are required to configure the model are specified here.

  • Generation result

    Specifies whether the generated object was created, reused, or modified.


    In the case of a receiver determination, for example, the additional receiver communication components that were added to the object are specified here.

  • Further information


    In the case of a receiver determination, for example, you are told to check the conditions here.

Additional Functions

The following additional functions are available in the toolbar at the top of the log window:



Loads a generation log from a file to the log window. All the log navigation options are available when you load a log from a file in this way.

Saves the generation log as an XML file. The default file name is the name of the configuration scenario followed by the extension .xml .

Prints the generation log currently displayed.

A fully version of the log is always printed.