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SAP Host Agent is an agent that can accomplish several life-cycle management tasks, such as operating system monitoring, database monitoring, system instance control and provisioning.

Validity of this Documentation

This documentation is valid for SAP Host Agent 7.21 Patch Level (PL) 004 and higher. SAP Host Agent 7.20 has been deprecated. For more information, see SAP Note 2130510 Information published on SAP site.

For information about how to check the version of an existing SAP Host Agent installation, see SAP Host Agent Reference - Command Line Options of the saphostexec Executable.

See SAP Note 1907566 Information published on SAP site about how to update older versions of this documentation within your local SAP Library installations.

SAP Host Agent Usage

SAP Host Agent is installed automatically during the installation of new SAP system instances with SAP kernel 7.20 or higher. SAP Host Agent is upgraded automatically as part of the SAP system instance, when you patch or upgrade the SAP kernel. However, you can also install and upgrade SAP Host Agent independently from an SAP system instance.


It is strongly recommended that you regularly upgrade SAP Host Agent to its latest version. See also SAP Note 2219592 Information published on SAP site.


SAP Host Agent provides you with the following features:

  • SAP instance discovery and inventory

  • SAP instance control

  • Database monitoring and management

  • System or instance provisioning:

    • Hosting the infrastructure of SAP Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM), formerly known as SAP NetWeaver Adaptive Computing Controller (ACC)

    • Hosting software lifecycle (SL) tools interfaces

  • Operating system monitoring:

    • Using saposcol

    • Using Common Information Model (CIM) based infrastructures

  • IBM i-specific features:

    • Dynamically adopted authorization for SAP kernel 7.20 and higher

    • SAP ILE daemon (SAPILED)

    • SAP Database Performance Collector for IBM i