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This topic describes how you log on to and log off from the portal.


You have logged on at least once to the portal following installation. For information about logging on for the first time, see Logging on to the Portal in the section Post Installation in the SAP NetWeaver installation guide at: .


Logging On

  1. Open your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (administrator access is enabled via Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers only.)

  2. Type one of the following addresses in the Internet browser URL field:

    • http:// <fully qualified portal server>:<HTTP port of the Java server> /irj/

    • If you are working with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the portal URL begins with https and the port value must indicate the IIS secured port.

    • http:// <IP address of portal server>:<HTTP port of Java server> /irj/

      The system administrator can disable logon by means of the IP address as follows:

      1. In the SAP NetWeaver Administrator tool, access the following portal application and service:

        Portal application:

        Portal service: PortalLauncherService

      2. Change the value of the property Enable IP Access to the Portal to false.

  3. Press Enter . One of the following scenarios occurs:

    • If your portal is not configured to support anonymous users (default setting), the logon Welcome screen opens, displaying the logon dialog box.

    • If your portal is configured to support anonymous users, a portal opens displaying content approved for anonymous users.

      For information about setting up your portal to support anonymous users, see Using Anonymous Logon to Access the Portal .

      To access your content as an authenticated user, click the Log On link in the masthead to display the Welcome screen.

  4. In the logon dialog box of the Welcome screen, enter your logon information and click Log On .

  • If you do not yet have a portal user ID and password, see New User Registration below.

  • If you have a problem logging on to the portal, in the Welcome screen, choose Get Support . In the displayed dialog box, you can request help for Password Reset and other logon problems, such as a forgotten password.

New User Registration

You can register as a new user by following the Register Now link in the Welcome screen and filling out the New User Registration form.

You can also use this link to create your user profile. For information about creating and updating a user profile, see Personalizing Your Portal .


The New User Registration form contains a flag for enabling portal accessibility features.

Logging Off

If you want to end your portal session, we recommend that you log off, and not simply close your browser. Closing the browser leaves the portal still working, until it times out.


When working in a browser that supports multiple tabs, such as Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox, if you close a tab in which a portal is running, the portal session is saved. If you then open the portal in a new tab, you are already logged on and need to first log off if you wish to log on with different credentials.

To log off the portal, click Log Off in the masthead. The portal session is terminated and you are redirected to the logon dialog box of the Welcome screen.

If your company is using a third party authentication server, you see one of the following when you log off:

  • The logon dialog box of the Welcome screen

    The log out action triggers a hidden URL to redirect the information to the authentication server, which performs the logoff.

  • An external page that was associated to the portal

    The portal server sends the log out information to the authentication server, which performs the logoff and displays a preconfigured external page.