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SAP NetWeaver provides an infrastructure and tools that the system administrator needs to manage SAP NetWeaver effectively.


For a list of the tools that are required, see Administration Tools .


  • Modifying Service, Manager or Application Properties

    This section describes how to view the current system configuration and edit the service, manager and application properties.

  • Application Management

    This section provides information on managing applications with their modules (Web, Enterprise Java Beans, etc.) and resources (JDBC, JMS, JCA, etc.).

  • ICM Administration

    The following section contains administration information for the Internet Communication Manager (ICM), which is responsible for accepting and forwarding requests in an AS Java Instance.

  • Lock Administration

    This section describes how you can administer and monitor SAP locks (held in the lock table by the enqueue server) with different tools: SAP NetWeaver Administrator, (SAP) Management Console or from the command-line.

  • Gateway

    Gateway enables SAP Systems and external programs to communicate with one another.

  • Monitoring and Administration of the SAP Message Server

  • The Startup Framework for AS Java

    The Startup Framework is used to start, stop and monitor the AS Java instances. This section describes the processes of starting and stopping and provides administration and configuration information.

  • Administration of the XML Data Archiving Service (XML DAS)

    This section provides information about data archiving. It contains information about XML DAS Administration - the UI (User Interface) that is necessary for setting up and configuring the different server components for data archiving, and information about the Java Archiving Cockpit - the central tool used for administration and monitoring of archiving sessions in Java environment.

  • Web Service Administration