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This section contains descriptions of the main administration tools provided with the SAP NetWeaver Application Server for Java and directions on when and how to use these tools to configure and administer AS Java.

AS Java allows the following configuration and administration modes:

  • According to the AS Java state:
    • offline - you can configure and administer AS Java cluster elements when the system is not running.
    • online - you can configure and administer AS Java cluster elements at runtime.
  • According to the relative location of the tools and systems:
    • remote - you can configure and administer the AS Java from a distance, that is, the administration tool and the system that must be managed are running on different machines.
    • local- you can configure and administer only an AS Java system that is running on the same host as the administration tool.
    • central- you can manage several systems simultaneously from one tool regardless of whether the systems are remote or local.

The main tools provided in AS Java are:

Tool Description

SAP Management Console

Use: The SAP Management Console (SAP MC) can be used to centrally monitor and perform basic administration tasks, such as starting or stopping the application server, monitoring the system operation and performance, log files monitoring, and so on.

Working modes: You can use the SAP Management Console (SAP MC) in the following modes:

  • online and offline - you can manage systems regardless of their state
  • remote, local, and central - you can manage local systems, remote systems, or a landscape consisting of both remote and local systems


  • SAP Management Console - a Web-based tool that can be run from any Web browser supporting Java. Thus, you do not need a local AS Java installation.

    We recommend that you use the Web-based SAP Management Console to manage your AS Java systems.

  • Eclipse-based SAP Management Console in the Developer Studio - a tool integrated in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio to enable application developers to administer and monitor their local and remote systems from their development environment without the need to use additional administration tools.
  • Standalone SAP Microsoft Management Console - a SAP Systems Manager snap-in developed for the Microsoft Management Console. The SAP Microsoft Management Console is available for Windows only.

SAP NetWeaver Administrator

Use: The SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) is a Web-based tool that offers ways for configuration, advanced administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and diagnosing a SAP NetWeaver system.

Working modes:

  • online
  • local and remote

Config Tool

Use: You can use the Config Tool to perform advanced configuration tasks on an offline AS Java system. For example, you can add server processes to a Java instance, reconfigure JVM parameters, view and reconfigure system properties, and so on. Most of the changes that you do using the Config Tool require system restart to take effect.

Working modes:

  • offline
  • local and remote

Administration Using Telnet

Use: You can use this tool for console administration of an AS Java system via Telnet by using a predefined set of shell commands that you need to execute on the command line.

Working modes:

  • online
  • local