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Specifying the Address of the TREX Name ServerLocate this document in the navigation structure


TREX provides APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for the languages Java and ABAP, which allow access to all TREX functions. As the TREX service, the Java interface (TREX Java client) is part of the SAP Application Server (AS) Java. The TREX Java client needs to know the address of the TREX name server in order to communicate with the TREX servers.

The following procedure describes how you determine address of the TREX name server. You subsequently enter this address in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator.


The TREX Java client communicates with the TREX server by HTTP and TCP/IP. Make sure that the TCP port that the name server uses is open.


You have to specify the address of the TREX name server in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator by naming the following values in <host_name_of_trex_host>:<name_server_port>:

  • <host_name_of_trex_host>: Name of the host on which TREX is installed and where the TREX name server runs.

  • <name_server_port>: TREX name server port

  1. You can determine the address of the TREX name server in two ways:

    1. Start the TREX admin tool (see Starting the TREX Admin Tool) and determine the address of the name server using Start of the navigation path Landscape Tree Next navigation step topology Next navigation step globals Next navigation step all_masters End of the navigation path.



    2. Use the following rule to determine the port of the TREX name server: <name_server_port> 3 <instance_number> 01.


      The value <instance_number> signifies the TREX instance number which had been specified during the TREX installation:

      Installation directory for TREX.

      • On UNIX /usr/sap/<sapsid>/trx<instance_number>

      • On Windows <disk_drive>:\usr\sap\<SAPSID>\TRX<instance_number>

      The value for <host_name_of_trex_host> you know from the host where TREX is installed (mytrexhost).

  2. Enter the address of the TREX name server into the SAP NetWeaver Administrator.