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If some of the described configuration steps have not been done correctly (for example, editing of the incorrect configuration files, or if not all TREX hosts had been stopped), the following errors may occur.


  • TREX Does not Start Completely

    Typically, the TREX name server does not start if it detects a incorrect configuration.

    In this case, do the following:

    1. Stop TREX.

    2. Abort the different TREX services in the task manager.

    3. Execute TREXSettings.bat (Windows) or (UNIX).

    4. Start the TREXNameServer.exe (Windows) or TREXNameServer.x (UNIX).

  • Result

    In the output of these services you can view the incorrect host names.

  • Old and New TREX Host Name Displayed in TREX Admin Tool
    1. Navigate in the TREX admin tool to Start of the navigation path Queue Next navigation step Landscape End of the navigation path.

    2. Check the following prerequisites:

      • Are the TREX queues or indexes ( Queue ID) correctly listed with the new host name?

      • Are the services with the old host name set to inactive?

      • Can the application use TREX correctly?

    3. If those prerequisites are met, navigate to Start of the navigation path Landscape Next navigation step Tree End of the navigation path and delete the node

      topology-> host-> <old_host_name>.