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Distributing PreprocessingLocate this document in the navigation structure


The preprocessing of documents is carried out by preprocessors running in any or index mode. If you set up the system according to Landscape Configuration, these are

  • The preprocessors that run on the master hosts

  • If you are using backup hosts, the preprocessors that run on the backup hosts


    For more information on the meaning of the modes, see Preprocessor Modes.

If the preprocessing capacity of the master and backup hosts is insufficient, you can use one host or multiple hosts exclusively for preprocessing. Preprocessing then takes place on additional preprocessors, allowing more documents to be preprocessed in parallel. This increases throughput for preprocessing.

On a host used exclusively for preprocessing, one or more preprocessors run in index mode, and a name server also runs. Such a host is referred to as a preprocessor host.


The graphic below depicts a system with one master host, two slave hosts, and one preprocessor host. The preprocessor host supports the master host in preprocessing.