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Starting and Stopping Individual TREX ServersLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can start individual TREX servers for test purposes and for troubleshooting. You can then track the program output on the screen.


  • Starting the TREX Servers
    1. Log on with the user <sapsid>adm.

    2. Stop TREX (see Stopping TREX).

    3. Go to the TREX directory.

    4. Start each TREX server in a separate shell.

      TREX Server


      Index Server


      Name Server




      Queue Server


      Only relevant for an RFC connection: RFC server

      TREXRfcServer.x -r

  • Stopping the TREX Server

    Stop the TREX server

    1. Display the window in which you started the TREX server.

    2. Use Ctrl + c or close the window.

    Certain processing steps, for example, writing an index, cannot be interrupted. Such steps are completed before the TREX servers are stopped. This process can take a while to complete.

    With large indexes, it can take up to a few hours to stop the TREX servers if lots of documents are currently being indexed.


    Do not stop the TREX server using kill - 9, because this can lead to data loss. Affected indexes can be irreparably damaged.