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Generating the Certificate RequestLocate this document in the navigation structure


When you have created a keystore for the Java client, you can generate the certificate request. The certificate request contains the following:

  • Certificate Owner’s Information

  • The public key of the owner

You send the certificate request to the certification authority (CA). The CA then issues the actual certificate.


You have opened the SAP NetWeaver Administrator of the Application Server Java and have loaded the keystore.

  1. In the window Start of the navigation path TREXKeystore Next navigation step Entries Next navigation step Keystore Entries End of the navigation path, choose the entry for the TREX keystore you created ( TREXKeyStore).

  2. Choose Generate CSR Request to generate a certificate request.

    The window Generate Certificate Signing Request appears.

  3. Choose Download and send the generated certificate request in *.csr format to your CA.


When you have sent the request to your CA, the administrator of the CA checks it and issues the actual certificate. If you are able to communicate with the CA using the Internet, you can usually check the status of your request, and see whether or not the administrator has processed the certificate yet. You can collect the certificate as soon as the administrator has issued it. You collect the client certificate together with the root certificate of the CA.