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Setting Up an RFC Connection for SNCLocate this document in the navigation structure


Finally you have to configure the RFC destination by which TREX is accessed for SNC.


You configure the RFC destination in transaction SM59.

  1. Start transaction SM59.

  2. Select your SNC connection.

  3. Select tab Logon & Security.

  4. Choose button SNC in the area Status of Secure Protocol.

    The screen Display View "SNC Destinations": Details appears.

  5. Enter the value 8 in the QoP field on this screen.

    This defines the quality of protection. Value 8 means Default (profile parameter snc/data_protection/use).

  6. Enter the TREX SNC name in field Partners and save your input.



  7. Activate SNC by clicking the radio button Active in the area Status of Secure Protocol and save again.

  8. Choose button Connection Test to test your SNC connection.