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This parameter determines the form of HTTP error messages that the server (ICM or SAP Web dispatcher) creates in the standard system and sends to the client.

You can set whether the error page is sent to the client with or without details.


Work area

Basis system


Truth value

Standard value


Dynamically changeable

Local and on all servers

Value Range and Syntax

The parameter can have the values TRUE or FALSE . The default value is TRUE .

The parameter affects the contents of the error pages of the ICM or SAP Web dispatcher, as follows:

TRUE : The error page also contains details about the cause of the error (name of the application server, date, module, line, component, description of error).

FALSE : Here there are no details. With some errors an error tag is issued, which you can use to find the error details in the trace file ( dev_icm or dev_webdisp) For example, tag: {00060025}

SAP Recommendation

For security reasons the details should not be made available to Internet users. For this reason SAP recommends you set the parameter to FALSE . If the details are not critical to security, you can leave the value as TRUE , as the details can be useful for finding errors.


If you configure dynamic error pages this will override the standard error pages. In that case the value of this parameter is irrelevant.

More Information

Note the following documentation associated with this parameter:

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