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Configuration of the TREX Server in SAP NetWeaver ASLocate this document in the navigation structure


TREX provides programming interfaces (Application Programming Interfaces, APIs) for the languages Java and ABAP, which allow access to all TREX functions. The Java interface (TREX Java client) is part of the SAP Web AS Java as a TREX service.

The graphic below shows the TREX Java client as the interface between the TREX servers and the Java application that use TREX (for example, Knowledge Management (KM)):

The configuration of the TREX service in the SAP J2EE Engine comprises the following areas.

  • TREX Caches

    TREX uses caches in the portal to store search results temporarily, for example. You use the configuration of the caches to display the caches and modify them to your requirements.

    There are the following TREX caches:

    • Administration Cache

    • Memory Cache

  • TREX Java Client

    Java applications use TCP/IP and HTTP/XML to access the TREX search and text-mining functions through the TREX Java client that is part of the SAP Web AS as a TREX service. The TREX Java client needs to know the address of the TREX name server in order to communicate with the TREX servers. You configure this during the TREX installation. You sometimes have to configure the other parameters for this communication too.


    For more information about configuring the TREX name server, see Specifying the Address of the TREX Name Server.

    The following areas of the TREX service configuration are displayed in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator:

    • TCP/IP Communication

    • SSL

    • Name Server

    • Cache for Search Queries


      Note that, in this documentation, only those parameters and values for the TREX service are described that you have to configure in specific circumstances.