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You can find information about which SAP NetWeaver Releases TREX 7.1 can be used for in the Product Availability Matrix on the SAP Service Marketplace under published on SAP site.


For more information about this, see SAP Note 1010800 TREX Java Client Compatibility for Java-Based Applications and SAP Note 965097 TREX 7.1 platforms.

TREX 7.1 Features

TREX 7.1 has the following new functions:

  • Support for 64-bit operating systems to improve performance

    TREX 7.1 supports the 64-bit operating systems Microsoft Windows Server 2003/X64 and LINUX SUSE SLES9/X86_64. By concentrating on these 64-bit operating systems, SAP was able to significantly improve the search and indexing functions provided by TREX.

  • Large TREX indexes with more than 2 GB working memory

    Since 64-bit operating systems enable the creation of TREX indexes that require more than 2 GB of working memory, you can now index and search more comprehensive and more complex data and document sets.

  • Delta index in working memory for join indexes

    From TREX 7.1, the TREX delta index can be kept in the working memory (like the main TREX index). This speeds up the integration of the delta index in the main index and means that integration can take place without search downtime. In addition, the delta index is now also available for join/compound indexes.


    For more informationon TREX 7.1 features, see Search and Classification TREX 7.1 (enhanced).

Implementation Considerations
  • During installation of SAP NetWeaver, you can install TREX as a stand-alone engine, to make its functions available as part of an SAP NetWeaver IT scenario for the application in question.

  • Check the SAP NetWeaver master guide and the master guide of the application using TREX to see which TREX version is used for which scenario.


    For more information on the SAP NetWeaver master guide, see SAP Service Marketplace at

Documentation Structure

The documentation for the configuration and administration of TREX 7.1 is different to the documentation for TREX 7.0 in various aspects.

The TREX 7.1 documentation is organized into the following areas: