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Starting and Stopping TREX on WindowsLocate this document in the navigation structure


The following sections explain how to start and stop TREX on Windows:

On Windows, you can use the following methods to start and stop TREX:

  • TREX admin tool (standalone)

  • The startsap.exe and stopsap.exe executable files

  • SAP Management Console


    As of TREX 7.10, the SAP Management Console is a snap-in in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and is no longer part of the TREX installation. To start TREX with the SAP Management Console, you must have installed the console in your TREX system first.

Executable Files startsap.exe and stopsap.exe

You use the executable files startsap.exe and stopsap.exe to start and stop TREX. After installation of the TREX instance, these files are located in the directory <TREX_DIR>\exe and are executed from that directory.

SAP Management Console

You use the SAP Management console, a snap-in in Microsoft Management Console (Windows), to start and stop SAP systems and TREX instances. The snap-in consists of a root node of the SAP system, below which the various SAP systems and their TREX instances appear as subnodes. The system displays detailed information about the processes, the current status, and open alerts for the instances.


A newly-installed MMC allows you only to start a locally-installed SAP instance on the host that you are logged on to. If the MMC is configured for central system administration, you can start and stop the entire SAP system from a single host.

As part of the installation of the global file system, the SAP service for the corresponding TREX instance ( SAP<sapsid>_TRX<instance_number>) is registered as a Windows service. The service is configured so that it starts automatically when the host is started up, and stops automatically when the host is shut down. You can start and stop the service manually if necessary. You can also start the TREX servers individually for test purposes or troubleshooting.


During the installation of the global file system, a SAP Management console has been installed on your host machine.