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Changing Index AssignmentsLocate this document in the navigation structure


When you create an index, TREX assigns a master index server and slave index server to it. If you are using backup index servers, TREX also assigns a backup index server to the index.

You can change these assignments if necessary. You may want to do this if you need to remove a host from the distributed system and assign the indexes to other servers first.


You are using centralized data storage.

  1. Go to the Index Landscape window.

  2. In the table select the index whose assignment you want to change.

  3. Click in a column relating to a host. Choose the required function from the context menu.



    Move master here

    Assigns another master index server to the index.

    Switch master/backup

    Switches the master and backup index servers. The master index server is then used as the backup index server for this index (and vice versa).

    Remove this backup

    Removes the assignment of index to backup index server.

    Add backup here

    Assigns a backup index server to the index.

    Remove this slave

    Removes the assignment of index to slave index server.

    Add slave here

    Assigns a slave index server to the index.


    The functions only change the assignment of index to server. The indexes are not physically moved.

    You can also change the assignments if the currently assigned master, backup, or slave index server is active at that point in time. The currently assigned server completes its current activity before the change takes effect.