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Adding a TREX Index ServerLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can add additional index servers to a TREX host on which an index server is already running. You do this to distribute large indexes over multiple index servers.


Each index server can use a maximum of 2GB of memory. Do not configure more index servers than can be supported by the memory on your host.

  1. Open the TREXDaemon configuration file in a text editor.

    This file is located in the <TREX_DIR>/<trex_host_name> directory.

  2. In the [daemon] section, add one or more index servers beneath the programs parameter: programs=nameserver,preprocessor1,indexserver1, indexserver<next_number>, queueserver,alertserver.

    Depending on the hardware of your host, one or two index servers are entered in the file by default.

  3. Copy the [indexserver1] section and rename the copied section as [indexserver<next_number>].

    Repeat this procedure for each of the index servers that you want to add. Choose a new value for the port number of the additional index server ( arguments=-port <index_server_port> parameter).

    Determine the port of the first index server according to the following convention: <index_server_port>=3<TREX_instance_number>03. Increase the values for the port numbers in steps of ten to avoid conflicts.


    If your TREX instance number is 47:


    arguments=-port 34703



    arguments=-port 34713



    arguments=-port 34723



    arguments=-port 34733


  4. Stop and start TREX so that your changes take effect.