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On the Cruiser tab page (cruiser administration) in the TREX admin tool in the SAP system (transaction TREXADMIN), you can administration and configure the TREX cruiser components. The TREX cruiser enables a file search on file servers and Web servers. TREX then indexes the files that are extracted from the searched file and Web servers.


For more information about using and optimizing the TREX cruiser, see SAP Note 1110112 - TREX 7.0/7.1: How to use the TREX Cruiser.


The Cruiser tab page has the following subareas:



Cruise Info

In this area, you administrate crawls carried out by the TREX cruiser on file shares and Web servers.

The following functions are available:

  • Adding crawls to an index

  • Configuring crawls

  • Starting, canceling, suspending, restarting, and updating crawls

  • Deleting crawls

Cruise Parameters

In this area, you administrate and configure cruiser parameters such as Cruise ID, Seed URL, and Max Depth.


In this area, you administrate content and monitor the status of the started crawl processes.


This area displays data on the started crawl processes such as Cruise ID and the hosts on which the TREX cruiser is running.