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Queue Parameters


Max Retry Count

Defines how often the queue server repeats a processing step before marking it as failed.

If you increase the number of repeats, the status of all documents whose processing has already failed remains the same. If you want to process these documents again you have to reset the error status.

If you lower the number of repeats, documents that have reached the new threshold are repeated once more.


You lower the number of repeats from 10 to 5. All documents whose processing had already been repeated 5 times are set to failed only after another repeat has taken place (repeat number 6).

Trace Level

Defines the activities that the queue server logs in its trace file.

Possible values:


    Only serious, system-critical errors are logged.


    All types of error are logged.


    Warnings are logged.

  • INFO

    Activities currently taking place are logged.


    Everything is logged.

    The scope of logging rises from FATAL to DEBUG. The DEBUG trace level includes the levels INFO, WARNING, ERROR, and FATAL; the INFO trace level includes the levels WARNING, ERROR, and FATAL and so on.


    Only change the trace level after consulting with SAP Support. The trace file can become large very quickly. This can lead to disk space problems.