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Triggering Queue ProcessingLocate this document in the navigation structure


The queue parameters control when the queue server triggers indexing and optimizing on the index server. You use the Flush function to trigger the following actions manually:

  • Indexing documents

    This affects documents with the status To Be Indexed.

  • Optimizing documents

    This affects documents with the status To Be Optimized.

  • Rolling back the queue and index

    This happens if the queue has the status To Be Rolled Back.

This function does not affect documents with the status To Be Preprocessed. You cannot affect the time at which the queue server sends documents to the preprocessor.

You use this function for the following purposes:

  • For test purposes, especially after the installation (in order to check the indexing of documents and searching for them)

  • If a large number of documents are updated rarely in your system For example, you could trigger a monthly update of a catalog using this function.


The queue has the status Idle or To Be Rolled Back.