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You can monitor queues in the Start of the navigation path Queue Admin Next navigation step Queue Info End of the navigation path window. You can track the processing of documents and check to see whether errors have occurred. In particular, you can check whether the system cannot preprocess, index, or optimize documents. If such problems occur, you can get more information about individual documents in the Queue Content window.


A table displays the following information for each queue:



Queue State

The current status of the queue

(See What Does the Status of a Queue Mean?)

Last index/optimize

Time at which the queue server last triggered indexing or optimization.

Error Number, Error Message

Return value that the index server sends to the queue server and the corresponding message text.


  • Return value = 0

    The current processing step was successful.

  • Return value <> 0

    An error occurred.

Delayed ... Optimization failed

Overview of how many documents have which status

See: What Does the Status of a Document Mean?


When you next display the queue, fewer documents may have the status OK. This can occur if the application sends documents that have already been indexed to TREX again. These documents are subjected to an entire processing run again. The queue server therefore changes the document status back from OK to To Be Preprocessed.