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You can carry out the following tasks in the Index area (index administration):

  • Display technical information about indexes

  • Activate delta indexes, deactivate them, and manually integrate them into the main index

  • Create indexes (only for test purposes or troubleshooting)

  • Completely delete indexes or delete their content (both functions only for test purposes or troubleshooting).

  • Display information about the distribution of the indexes and the status of index replication

  • Trigger and terminate index replication

  • Send search queries for test purposes


The figure below shows you where the index administration area is located in the TREX admin tool (stand-alone):

The following table provides an overview of the windows and functions that are available in this area.



Index: Admin

Displays technical information on indexes.

The following functions are available:

Index: Landscape

Displays the index distribution and the index replication status.

The context menu offers the following functions:

You require the remaining functions to change the configuration of a distributed TREX system and to correct errors. For more information, see the SAP NetWeaver Search and Classification TREX Single Host installation guide. This guide is located on SAP Service Marketplace at

Index: Usage

This area displays information about index use and statistics.

Index: Search

Allows you to send search queries. You use this function for test purposes only.

Index: Mining

You can use this TREX function to display the statistical distribution of attributes in an index.


For more documentation about this TREX function, see SAP Note 1108641 - TREX 7.0/7.1: TREX admin tools (Standalone and TREX_ADMIN).