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What Does the Status of a Document Mean?Locate this document in the navigation structure


The queue server has a status for each document in a queue. The status allows you to track the processing of documents.

The graphic below gives an overview of the statuses that a document can have.

The statuses mean the following:




The document is not yet processed.

There is a new, updated version of a document that is currently being processed. As long as the previous version has not yet been completely processed, the new version is shown as being 'delayed'.

To Be Preprocessed

The document is about to be preprocessed.


The document is being preprocessed. The preprocessor carries out the following steps:

  • Resolving the URI

    This step is necessary if the preprocessor only received the document in the form of a URI. The preprocessor loads the document from the storage location referenced by the URI.

  • Filtering

    The preprocessor extracts the text content and converts it to Unicode format UTF-8.

  • Linguistic analysis (normalization, root reduction, tokenization)

Preprocessing Failed

The document could not be preprocessed. This might be because the URI of the document could not be reached or because the document contains no readable text.

To Be Indexed

The document is about to be indexed.


The document is being transmitted to an index server and indexed there.

Indexing Failed

The document could not be transmitted to the index server and, as a consequence, could not be indexed.

To Be Optimized

The document is waiting on the index server to be optimized.


The document is being optimized.

Optimization Failed

The document could not be optimized.


The document has been processed successfully.

If it was added to the index, it can now be found using the index.