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Configuring TREX Proxy SettingsLocate this document in the navigation structure


If there is a proxy server between the TREX servers and the documents to be indexed, specify the proxy server and define exclusion rules if necessary. This configuration is important if you want to index the following items:

  • Documents on internal servers that can be accessed without a proxy server.

  • Web pages on external servers that can only be accessed using a proxy server.

  1. Start the TREX Admin Tool.

  2. In the Preprocessor: Admin window, navigate to the Proxy Setting tab page.

    Enter the proxy server in this area of the TREX admin tool. Since the proxy server should not be used for internal addresses, define exclusion rules for internal addresses.

    • Proxy Server- host name and domain of the proxy server


    • Proxy Server Port- port of the proxy server

      Example: 8080

    • Proxy User- user name needed to access the proxy server

    • Proxy User Password- password defined for the user ID


      For more information, see Specifying a Password for the Proxy Server.

    • Proxy Exclusions- exclusion rules. These rules define when the proxy server is not to be used. Separate multiple entries using a semicolon.


      Examples of exclusion rules:

      • Do not use the proxy server to get URLs that end in

      • Do not use the proxy server to get IP addresses that start with 10: 10.


        Do not use asterisks as placeholders.

    • Choose Save to save your settings. Choose Reset to restore the previous settings.


You have configured the proxy server and the corresponding exclusion rules.