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Selecting Languages for TREX Language RecognitionLocate this document in the navigation structure


TREX supports the indexing and analysis of documents in different languages. You can select languages to be identified by TREX language recognition.

The language of a document is needed so that the document in question can be placed in the correct language version of the index. For each langauge that you select, TREX creates a separate language index. For example, if you select English, German, and French, TREX creates one English, one German, and one French language index.

  1. Start the TREX admin tool.

  2. In the Preprocessor: Admin window, navigate to the Languages tab page.

    The Languages for Document Analysis area contains an overview of languages that TREX supports. In this area, select the languages that you want TREX to identify by means of document analysis.


    Only select the languages that are relevant for your scenario. This optimizes performance during the language recognition process, and therefore during the search and indexing process. The language recognition process gives better results if as few languages as possible are used.

    Languages for which TREX only provides restricted support are indicated by an asterisk (*).


    For more information about these languages, see Supported Languages with Restricted Functions.